Lawpoint can help you effectively manage workplace relationships, provide general protections, overcome disputes, and future proof your business with risk management tools.

At Lawpoint we can help you navigate your rights and responsibilities as an employer. Our sharp lawyers will ensure you are compliant with all applicable laws, advise you on proper disciplinary procedures, and represent your interests in any workplace disputes. You can be sure we have all aspects of employment law covered.

Lawpoint’s lawyers possess extensive experience, expertise, and skill in dealing with employment matters. We’re strong negotiators that can represent you in employment claims and provide strategic and considered advice to protect your business.  We have extensive experience representing employers in claims in the Fair Work Commission and complaints made against employers with the Fair Work Ombudsman. 

Some elements of risk in the employer and employee relationship are predicable. Any business big or small, can always mitigate the risk of litigation through the establishment of risk management tools. Lawpoint’s employment law team can prepare critical tools including policy and procedure documents, terms of trade and employment contracts. These will help to reduce and manage the risk of expensive litigation.  

For any legal issues that come your way including unfair dismissal, adverse action claims, workers compensation, health and safety matters and more – Lawpoint will always work towards a resolution outside of Court. This includes representing you in alternative dispute resolution. However, if this is unavoidable, we will effectively represent you in the various courts and tribunals to ensure that your business and employer brand are properly protected. If it’s a strong employer lawyer you want on your side, contact us for legal advice today. 

Employment Services

Anti-Discrimination Matters 

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Employment Contracts  

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Fair Work Commission

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Fair Work Ombudsman Complaints

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Independent Contractor Agreements

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Policies and Procedures 

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Unfair/Unlawful Dismissals 

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Workplace Bullying

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We save legal jargon for other lawyers. Clients can expect clear and simple communication that will alleviate the stress of a legal matter and assist in making good decisions. 


Sharp legal minds means more efficient lawyers. Our team works strategically towards client-oriented outcomes. We aim to resolve all cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


We fight determinedly for all of our clients. No matter is too big or too small. We have an extensive network of like-minded barristers who we can call on when required.


We take a 360-degree transparent approach to our services. We are accountable to our clients and always provide costs agreements.


Clients are the heart of our work. We work hard to create a supportive environment where clients feel valued and cared for.


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