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Defamation takes place when an individual or organisation publishes information that damages or harms a person’s reputation. Publishing defamatory material can occur via traditional media like radio, television or the newspaper. However, in more recent times it occurs online through social media platforms such as Facebook.  If someone has defamed you, or if you are accused of doing so to someone else, we can help you.  

In order for something to be defamatory, it must be “published” whether orally, in writing or in pictures, to someone other than the person being defamed.  Defamatory content can seriously hurt a person’s reputation and cause significant economic damage to that person. Therefore, it is critical to take action to stop the publication of defamatory material, and take steps to repair any reputational damage caused. 

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Lawpoint’s team of experienced lawyers can help with any defamation claim, whether you are the person being defamed or whether you have been accused of publishing defamatory material. Defamation law is complex.  The law in NSW is set out in the Defamation Act 2005, however, there are reforms to the law which have been widely discussed but not yet implemented.  There is a strict time limit of 12 months for a person to institute defamation proceedings.  

Lawpoint is experienced and well equipped to handle all defamation matters. We are experienced in successfully resolving defamation law issues.  

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Lawpoint has successfully acted for victims of defamation, and has even done so for overseas based clients. We help to obtain cash settlements for our clients.   

Are you the victim of defamation?

Our lawyers can help you in investigating your situation and determining whether or not reputational damage has occurred. If you’ve been a victim of defamation, you may be able to sue. A potential defendant has several defences available, so anyone considering suing for defamation must be aware of the defences before taking legal action. Just because you may disagree with or not like what someone has said about you, does not mean that you have been defamed.   

 If you want to file a defamation claim, you must be able to demonstrate:  

  • The material was published to one or more third parties.  
  • The published material is likely to damage your reputation in that it is:  
  • Likely to expose you to shame, ridicule, hatred or contempt; or   
        –  Results in you being avoided or shunned; or   
        –  Lowers other people’s estimation of you.  

Are you the publisher of defamatory material?

Our lawyers can assess the published material and determine whether it constitutes a defamatory statement. Even if the publication is defamatory, you may be able to avail yourself of one of the numerous defences, including:  

(a) Truth; or  

(b) Opinion or comment.  

If what was published about a person is true, that person will not be able to successfully sue for defamation. Similarly, if the statement is defamatory, but is opinion (rather than an assertion of fact), that does not constitute defamation, even if the opinion may be hurtful.  

You need Lawpoint in your corner. 

Whether you have been the victim of defamatory material or someone asserts that you have defamed them, one of Lawpoint’s experienced lawyers can help you. We can provide advice on your rights and, if you have a case, negotiate a settlement, as well as putting a stop to the spread of defamatory material. If it is alleged that you have defamed someone, we can advise you on the defences available to you, and defend the case on your behalf.   

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