Whether you’re buying, selling, building, or leasing property, having an experienced property lawyer by your side is critical. Lawpoint are experienced property solicitors that can help you protect your most valuable asset.

Lawpoint are specialists in handling property-related transactions. Our attention to detail ensures that you are clear about your responsibilities and your rights are fully protected, whether you are buying, selling, building or leasing property.

Lawpoint’s lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of property transactions. We’ve worked on thousands of property transactions across the spectrum of transactions, and are well equipped to provide effective legal advice.  

You can rely on our lawyers to pay close attention to the finer details, to ensure a smooth property transaction and that your legal rights are protected. As part of our legal services, we will meticulously review or prepare contracts and highlight any potential problems or legal issues; conduct all the necessary searches to make sure there are no outstanding issues relating to the property; and negotiate terms to ensure you get the best deal possible.  

We will handle the transaction from start to finish, communicating with you every step of the way. We work collaboratively with real estate agents and financial institutions throughout the process.

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Buying property?

Buying property is one of the most significant transactions we make in our lives. It’s not a process to rush – there are several steps required to ensure you make a smart purchase and your rights are protected.

Whether you’re buying your first home, an investment property or moving, it’s wise to appoint a lawyer as soon as you’re ready to start looking. Lawpoint  can help you at every stage of the  journey. We can obtain, review, and advise on necessary reports such as pest, building and strata reports before you buy. When you’re ready to make your purchase, contracts are carefully reviewed and the transaction thoroughly investigated before exchange. Having a strong conveyancing lawyer helps protect one of the biggest investments most people make.  

Our property law team have compiled the ultimate guide to buying property in NSW. If it’s your first time, this is essential reading and will help you better understand the conveyancing process. 

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For more information download our guide on the 10 steps to buying property in NSW.

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Why choose Lawpoint?

Clear Communication

Clients can expect plain and simple communication. We will clearly outline the processes involved in your property transaction and provide advice without legal jargon. So, you can be confident you’re making an informed decision.


We aim to make the legal process seamless for families. Our offices have a dedicated play area for your children, so you can seek legal advice with comfort.


We fight determinedly for all of our clients. No matter is too big or too small. We have an extensive network of like-minded barristers who we can call on when required.


We know how critical time is when buying or selling a property. Our team works strategically to resolve all cases in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


We take a 360-degree transparent approach to our services. We are accountable to our clients and always provide costs agreements.


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