Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offence can be a stressful and frightening experience. At Lawpoint, our legal team are on your side to provide strong legal advice and support during this distressing time.

When your liberty and reputation are at risk, you need the services of criminal law specialists to ensure you receive the best legal representation possible.

The criminal legal system is complex and can be difficult to navigate. With Lawpoint in your corner, you can be certain you’ll have clear and strategic legal representation to help you through your case. 

If you are faced with being charged with a criminal offence, it is important to understand how the law applies to your situation. Along with what options may be available to you. Lawpoint’s criminal lawyers have years of experience in many areas of criminal law. We will guide you the through the process with open and transparent communication, so you understand your rights. We will set realistic and clear expectations from the outset as to the range of outcomes you can expect. 

Lawpoint’s criminal lawyers will provide you with the best possible defence against a criminal offence. If required, we will utilise the services of specialist criminal law barristers to assist us in the defence of your case. We also have strong working relationships with other reputable experts including psychologists, psychiatrists and more to provide you with the best possible defence. 

Criminal Law Services

Animal Welfare

Drink Driving, Traffic Offences and Licence Appeals 

Drug Offences

Financial Offences Including Fraud 

Offences Involving Violence

Sexual Assault

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Why choose Lawpoint?

Clear Communication

Clients can expect plain and simple communication. We will clearly outline the processes involved in your property transaction and provide advice without legal jargon. So, you can be confident you’re making an informed decision.


We know how distressing it can be to be charged with a criminal offence. We will take the time to explain the process and ensure you’re comfortable at every step.


We are committed to providing you with effective legal representation and determined to help you receive an outcome that is fair and proportionate to your matter. We fight determinedly for all of our clients. No matter is too big or too small. We have an extensive network of like-minded barristers who we can call on when required.


Sharp legal minds means more efficient lawyers. Our team works strategically towards client-oriented outcomes. We aim to resolve all cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


We take a 360-degree transparent approach to our services. We are accountable to our clients and always provide costs agreements.


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