Wills and Probate

A solicitor for wills and probate helps with future planning or navigating the loss of a loved one. Lawpoint has the expert team you need to achieve peace of mind and protect all that’s important to you.

Are you thinking about creating a will, planning your estate, protecting your assets, or facing difficulty actioning the wishes of family member? Lawpoint's estates lawyers can help with all aspects of wills and probate. Our team will guide you through the process with care and skill.

Whether you’re creating a will or developing an estate plan, you can rely on Lawpoint’s legal services. Our team will prepare legally binding documents that reflect your wishes and protect your loved ones.  

If you are facing the prospect of obtaining probate or letters of administration, Lawpoint’s lawyers will help you understand your options. Delivering on the wishes of your loved one is a stressful process and one we fully understand. You can expect consistent, clear legal advice and support throughout the process.  

In the case where a will is challenged, Lawpoint will always aim to settle matters outside of court. Our settlement track record is something we are very proud of. However, if settlement is not possible, we are strong litigators and can represent you in court to ensure that you obtain the outcome you deserve.  

Wills and Probates Services

Contesting a Will

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Enduring Guardianship

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Financial Management and Guardianship Applications

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Power of Attorney

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Probate and Letters of Administration

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Wills and General Estate Planning

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Clear Communication

Expect clear and simple communication that will alleviate the stress of a legal matter and assist in making good decisions.


We understand how sensitive this time can be. Lawpoint will guide you through the will-making or probate process with open ears and continuous support. We work hard to create an environment where clients feel valued and cared for.


We fight determinedly for all of our clients. No matter is too big or too small. We have an extensive network of like-minded barristers who we can call on when required.


Sharp legal minds means more efficient lawyers. Our team works strategically towards client-oriented outcomes. We aim to resolve all cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


We take a 360-degree transparent approach to our services. We are accountable to our clients and always provide costs agreements.


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